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Churn in a same date


I find myself faced with a problem to create a type indicator Churn. [:)]
I'll try to translate the request:
I have a table STATS_USERS_MARGE, where I found the various actions of my users and the margin generated.

An active customer is a user who made the margin (margin -= 0) during a chosen month.

So far not too many problems, but now the demand is:
We wish by selecting a particular month have the number of Active customer in the month select and monitor the actions of these same users in the month following select (up to today's date). So actually calculate the active months for Customers who have the margin to select the month.

Example: I have 100 Active Customers in June 2010
I want to know how many of 100 Active Customers are made to the margin in July 2010: 50 (for example), in August 2010: 10, September 2010: 5 October 2010 2 etc etc..

I put my QVW attached even if I did one week working on it but I can not get a conclusive result. I tried to create a copy of the table with STATS to manage a second calendar but this does not work the numbers do not match at all.
I'm running out of ideas I hope you can help me.[:S]

Thank you in advance

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Nobody have an idea for this problem please is very urgent Sad