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Clearing a lock field

Hi All,

I don't really know if my application just bugged out but I can't clear a specific field. I tried recreating it on a fresh application and works perfectly. Here is the scenario:

1. I have a trigger event when document is opened.

2. I have to set a value to a field to filter its content. (Lets say the field is called Flag = Y, and the field I have to filter is Product)

3. Then I lock that field (Flag = Y). So it should only output products with the Flag = Y 

4. I created a button that will unlock the field (Flag), clear it up so I can view the other data on the field (Product) I am filtering.

My problem now is even if I clear the Product field, the output is incomplete. Some data are not showing up... I already created this scenario in a new file and it is working perfectly. Any idea why this is happening?

Thanks in advance

P.S I cannot share the file since it is confidential. Thanks


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Hi Lyn,

Maybe is something with section access and data reduction? If you disable the trigger when document is opened all data is showing up?

Is there any selections on Current Selections window?


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Hi Ruben,

Looks like you have a point. I'll try to investigate if it has anything to do with section access and data reduction. Will follow-up asap. Thanks

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Hi Lyn,

Could the app be calculating too many things after each selection? The behaviour that you are experiencing can happen if, after each reload on the browser (triggered by selections, tab changing, buttons, etc), there is not enough time to calculate everything.

If this is the case, try disabling some of those calculations to see if it works.