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Click through Problem

I have 3 seperate reports. Each report has a column called circuitID.

First report has 2 columns called name and type. We need to have a click through from name column to 2nd report and a click through from type column to 3rd report.

But there should be a filter on CircuitID:

1) When a value in name column of 1st report is clicked, say A is clicked(and corresponding circuitid is 1), 2nd report should open rows with only that circuitid(1).

2) When a value in type column of 1st report is clicked, say t1 is clicked(and corresponding circuitid is 2), #nd report should open rows with only that circuitid(2).

I tried implementing this by creating a alias of CIRcuitid as circuitid1 in report 1. Then applied triggers on circuitid and circuitid1 as to activate the sheet containing the next report to open. Then created the column type and name in the following way:

namekey = name&'&'&circuitid

name = subfield(namekey, '&', 1)

typekey = type&'&'&circuitid

type = subfield(typekey, '&', 1)

This logic works correctly when 1 click through is implemented. But when I keep both the click throughs active, there is a conflict and the functionality is not working correctly.

Can someone help me out with this?

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In the second case, you should add a trigger to first clear all selections and then add trigger to 'Type' field to open new object.