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Combining Dimensions In a Block Chart

I am trying to create a block chart to represent all the regions certain brands are sold in. However, since I have each region as its own dimension, with a "Yes" to signify that the brand is sold there, when I try to create a block chart to visually display this information, it creates a chart with different region combinations. I've attached what the block chart ends up looking like. Ideally I want the "Regions" block chart to have a block each for Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, and when I highlight each block it should tell me the number of times "Yes" was listed in that dimension's column.

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Hi Katlee

this is best solved in the data, rather than in the chart.

If your data comes in the format that you have shown above, use the "crosstable" function to unpivot it into a separate linked table.

EG script something like...


crosstable(Region, Sold)

Load Product_Id, Americas_Field, Europe_Field, Asia_Field, Africa_Field resident Existing_data_table;

Then use region as the dimension in your block chart and a count of [Sold] for the expression. You will probably find that QlikView works better with the data in this format; you could use a bar chart with region as the expression and be able to select all products ina  region by clicking on a bar  for example.