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how can accumulate in year all values ​​of previous years

I need accumulate in 2013 all values ​​of previous years and in 2012 the values ​​of the previous years and so on

how I can accomplish this?

My idea is to select any field of the Year ( e.g.:'2012') and obtain the total up to that year. In the expression i wrote this:

Count({<Años={">=$(=(Años)) <=$(=(Años))"}>} DOC_IDENTIFICACION)

but does not work. So i need a little help with this.

I will be very grateful with any response and for your time. And excuse my english, is not very good.



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Hi Carlos


=RangeSum(after( TOTAL Count(distinct DOC_IDENTIFICACION), 0,noofcolumns()- ColumnNo(TOTAL)+1))

You have probably seen rangesum / above / row() being used to calculate accumulated values going down a table. There exist "before / after" and column number functions too, so I've turned that around. Let me know how you get on.



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If I understand your question correctly, try and see if this works for you.

Count({<[Años]={"<=$(=Max([Años]))"}>}  DOC_IDENTIFICACION)