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Creator II
Creator II

Combo Chart - Line to Match x-axis data

 Hi All,


Looking for some help on getting my Line Dimension to Match to the X-Axis Type that I am using.

Essentially it looks like the first picture but I want it to be more like the second picture.


I just want to count how many items are in each of these dimensions, for example:

A3 - 6,000 Devices

A4 - 1,000 Devices

A5 -  4 Devices 



Unfortunately it currently is only taking into regards the Month Dimension from the Y-Axis Dimensions.


Any ideas?


Current ChartCurrent Chart


Proposed ChartProposed Chart


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Former Employee
Former Employee

Likely going to need a sample QVW file to dig into this one, little difficult to ponder what may be going on from just the screenshots you provided, so if you still require assistance, it would be best if you can attach a small app or a reduced version of this one to let folks have a look at the underlying chart setup etc. and your data model.


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I would suggest creating two charts, one a stacked bar and the other a line, and overlaying one with the other keeping the time dimension the same. You may need to tweak the X and Y-axis expressions to insure the timeline matches. Then, make one invisible.