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Commenting and Tagging


I would like to dicuss commenting tables, fields, and tagging fields.

Someone recommended to me to use the following, for example for commening fields:

// Command 1


mapping LOAD FieldName,



[Field Comments.xlsx]

(ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Tag & Comment Test.qvw.Fields]);

// Command 2

comment fields using fieldcommentmap;

// Command 3

comment field OrdDetailKey 'A combination of order number and product ID to prevent synthetic keys in data model ';

So, the first command creates mapping table from "Field Comments.xlsx" file. Since I would like to include this codes in standard application template, I was wondering is the XLSX file really necessary?

This command is used only once.

Command 2 probably says fileds that they will be commented with the newly created table

Command 3 is the command that repeats - when you want to comment a field you execute "comment field filed_name COMMENT "

Please comment, and give suggestions on how I should I define standard commenting and tagging.

2 Replies

command 3 is used to comment a single field (I think there is a 'with' missing inbetween, but your syntax seems to work, too).

command1 and 2 are used to comment several fields at once, so you don't need any other command3 statement.

I haven't really understood 'Since I would like to include this codes in standard application template, I was wondering is the XLSX file really necessary?' 

Instead of the .xlsx source table, you can read from an INLINE table or any DB source. You can pass the file / DB name to a template using a variable, if you want, or use a standard file / DB name.

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The suggested concept from this "third person" is unclear to me.

He told me I should take the scripttag with the mentioned 3 commands and add this tag in the standard application structure we use (it´s 3-layer structure: 1_QVD-Generator, 2_Data_Model, 3_Layout). This tag has to be added at the end of the script in the layer 3_Layout.

I don't understand how commenting in general functions. I have to define the standard use of commenting for developers.

Why is he using XLSX file? Is the file necessary? Or maybe the file IS necessary, and developers have to define what they want to comment and the comment itself in the external XLSX file, and than map that file (doesn't make any sense to me...)

Actually I am trying to find out what this guy suggested (on vacation), and at the same time define standard approach for commenting tables, tags and tagging fields for every developer that will develop an app with QlikView.

Please help me clear this mess in my head about commenting.


you mentioned that I do not need Command 3 - please explain why.
I see it like this: some PRE-defined comments are placed in XLSX file. What the first command does is it makes a mapping table by loading all what is in XLSX written. Command nr. 2 says "OK, I will use mapping table and new names"

Command 3 says - ok, I'll add a new entry in mapping table, and this is what is needed during the development. Or am I wrong?