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Common values of inherited and alternate state in single inherited listbox

I have a month filter for comparative analysis, one month listbox is in inherited state and other month listbox is in alternate state (say CompPeriod). There is one other list box called flag (inherited) which  just have  a  Boolean value 1, when user selects 1 in this flag column listbox then some stores (which is also another listbox-inherited) gets selected.

This flag column should select like for like stores for both inherited and alternate state months.

Now this flag column is associated with month column, so for some months this flag column is 1 but for some it is 0.

Now when i select a month (inherited) and then click on 1 in flag listbox then its associated stores are getting selected in store listbox.

I want that flag listbox should show common values (i.e value 1) for both inherited and CompPeriod alternate state months .

For example - Say i selected April 2019 in inherited month and May 2019 in CompPeriod month and flag column have boolean value 1 for stores -A,B,C for April 2019 and stores-B and C for May 2019.

When user selects flag column 1 then it should always show Stores B and C in store listbox as these are common stores.

But as of now it is always showing stores A,B and C as per inherited state selection for month.

How can i achieve this?

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