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Hi Guys,


I have an requirement in Governance Dashboard where we need to check whether the User who has been allocated CALS were used in last three months.

Since there is no way to get the date of CAL allotted to the user, I am thinking of checking 1st of everymonth whether the user has accessed/used using LastUsed (which is available).

The thing is, I am not sure how to check the list of users who hasn't used his/her CAL in the last month also not used this month.

And I need to update some field as Neverusedin2Months like that when the user still hasn't accessed when reloading for the second month (i.e 1st of Next Month).

Similary Neverusedin3Months if this is the case for 3rd Month's refresh as well.

I could really use some help or suggestion here.

Thanks in Advance.


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