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Comparison of ETL capability of QlikView to that of SAS


I have a question which divides opinion across my organisation. My organisation does a variety of reports for clients across various domains. Recently, we have moved a lot of our reports from Excel to Qlikview. While migrating these reports, one thing i have consistently observed is that they would use SAS for ETL and qlikview mostly as a frontend tool.

Now I am new to this organisation, and have only been out of college for a year and a half, but I have worked on both technologies, and I feel that the kind of things we use SAS for can be easily done in Qlikview, other than , say  forecasting or complex modelling.

So my opinion is that people dont want to use Qlikview for ETL basically because of

  • familiarity
  • They think learning SAS is more valuable from a career perspective

Now, am I missing something, or are there certain things which make SAS better for ETL when compared to QlikView?



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HI! First of all SAS and QlikView act completely different from each other. SAS is a procedurebased language and have consepts that are spezialized for ETL process and SCD. SAS/DI Studio is very popular part of SAS for doing ETL, but you can use Datastep programming such as Script in QlikView as well. SAS have Enterprise Guide which is a level above datastep and it is more or less used for analyzing data. If you should do a good comparison betwenn the two in the context of ETL you need to compare SAS/DI Studio in SAS with QlikView Expressor, or several other 3rd party systems. About career, i would not hesitate to go for QlikView. QlikView is the best system ever and when you are in the other end of your dataprosessing, SAS generate PDF docs in WEB and QlikView generate a world of possibilities with the fantastic green, white and gray. 

Good luck!


Tormod Hanstad