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Condition on a column

Hello QV community,

I'm new to qlikview and am hving this issue :

I have a table with this structure

PageNumber of fansYearMonth
page 11000201701
Page 23400201701
Page 11100201702
Page 11250201703

I want to display in a text object the number of fans when i select the page name, the year and the month. Also i want to display the number of fans of the previous month. I'm having some issues writing the expression.

For exemple if i select page 1, 2017, 03 i need a result like this :

Number of current fans : 1250

Number of fans in the previous month : 1100

I hope u can help

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Champion III
Champion III

Try this may be:

Num of Current Fans: = Sum({$} [Number of fans])

Num of Fans in Previous Month: = Sum({< Month = {"$(= Num(Month-1, 0&'0'))"} >} [Number of fans])


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That's exactly what i'm looking for.

Thank you