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Contributor II
Contributor II

Conditional Coloring in a Bar Chart with different color


I Want Different Colors on a Bar Chart(Grouped ) Side by Side with Two dimensions on X_Axis. .I don't want to Stacked Bar Chart.

would like to display Two different Colors like Green and Orange based on the Period Selection with dark and light based on actual versus forecast.

1) The Actual bars (IT & NonIT) should be dark Green and Orange

2) The Forecast bars (IT & NonIT) should be light Green and Orange

Example1: If user select the period 2+10, the Jan and Feb should be dark and the rest will be light colors

Example2: If user select the period 4+8, from Jan to Apr should be dark and the rest will be light colors

Period = 4+8Period = 4+8

Will you please verify the attached SampleData and QVW and need your support to achieve on this.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Specialist III
Specialist III

you need a way to compare Actual field vs month to be able to say if the month is in actual or forecast period.  i added month number to your XLS, simply Jan =1, Feb=2, etc..

then in the background expression, i test the dimension value and if the month is actual or forecast.  there are other more efficient ways for sure but this is the simplest just pursuing the track you are currently on.