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Creator II
Creator II

Conditional Show if other object is not minimized


I have a button that I want to only show if a specific chart is not minimized, i.e. when a user restores the chart the button should be visible, and when the chart is minimized the button should not be shown.

Is this possible?



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Master II
Master II


Since sheet objects no longer have OnActivate events, I usually put a transparent text box over the minimized chart object.

When a user clicks the chart (really the transparent text object), actions can be used to restore the chart and set a variable to show the button.

Creator II
Creator II

I really like that idea, but how would I then get the button to disappear (not show) again when the chart is minimized?

The chart can be minimized by double-clicking the caption or the minimize icon in the caption, and I can't overlay another transparent object over that because then users won't be able to export to Excel.

Charts can also be auto-minimized when other charts are restored to the same position.

I might be missing something obvious here - any ideas?