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Connecting the QlikView and RestConnector


I am facing issue while pulling data from the JSON using Postman and RestConnector in Qlikview.

PURPOSE: Trying to pull a sample elasticsearch data (JSON format) into the Qlikview application.

The following steps I have followed, please correct me if am wrong anywhere since am new to QlikView application.

STEP 1: Installed the QlikView 12 Apps, Postman in chrome, elasticsearch-1.7.2.

STEP 2: Generated a http:// URL from the Postman, by the below steps:

                    (a) By setting the POST method, created URL http://localhost:9200/label/color/

                    (b) The below sample JSON have been posted in the above URL


                    (c) I was able to get the above data while i tried to use the GET method

STEP 3: In the Qlikview, created a new file, under the Edit Script, the database "QvRestConnector" was choosed and Connected. In the "REST Connection" tab the following information were provided:

                    (a) URL -  http://localhost:9200/label/color/_search/ 

                    (b) Method - GET

                    (c) Auto Detect response type - enabled

                    (d) Use Windows Authentication - Yes

                    (e) Test Connection - Connection Succeeded

STEP 4: In Edit Script, under Data tab, option Select is chosen. The following information were provided:

                    (a) Response type - JSON

                    (b) Object - Selected the root object

                    (c) Selected OK

STEP 5: Right click on the Main sheet, and selected New Sheet Object --> Chart. Selected Straight Table and chose Next. Here Under the Available Fields/Group, couldn't find any fields.

Can someone guide how to pull the data from JSON file.

PROBLEM: Fields are not displaying in the Available Fields/Group in the Edit Script part.

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