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Contributor III
Contributor III

Convert time from EST to GMT & EST to Philippine Time Zone


I need to convert the DateTime 02/07/2015 04:59:32 (Field Name as LoginTime) which is in EST to be converted to GMT as well as I need to convert to Philippine Time zone based on a condition

In database I have columns

02/07/2015 04:59:322
02/07/2015 07:50:013

Time Zone 1 = EST Time Zone

2 = GMT (London)

3 = Philippine Time Zone

But LoginTime time is always in EST based on timezone I have to convert it to localtime based on timezone condition

Thanks in advance.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

You could try it with the function converttolocaltime() but if you have only a few timezone offsets then you could simply add the hour-offset to your LoginTime, like:

LoginTime + (1/24 * pick(match(TimeZone, 2, 3), 5, -7))

The bolded offset-hours are only dummy-values for this example, you have to look for the correct ones maybe here:

- Marcus

Contributor III
Contributor III

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