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Contributor II
Contributor II

Copy from excel export changes color


when I export a table from an app which is on the qlikview server to excel and then copy the table or a part of this table to a new excel document the background color changes to this ugly cyan color.

When I export an excel from development this issue does'nt appear.

I guess this is a server setting or is it excel issue?


Thanks for your help,


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Creator III
Creator III

Hi Sebastian,

This is not a Qlikview issue. I have not come across such a thing before. This might be your Excel issue, the green triangle on the cells indicate error in the formula, you might want to hover or click on the green triangle & check what the issue could be or maybe there is a predefined setting.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Yes, I'm having the same issue.  Currently looking for a solution, too.

Edit: You can try this: upon pasting, right-click and select Match Destination Formatting

Pasting from Excel to Excel.png

Creator II
Creator II

It also works for me when I choose 'Paste Special' then 'Values & Source Formatting'