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Contributor II
Contributor II

Corner issue : vizualisation is different between Desktop and IE plugin

Hi every body,

I'm in trouble with round corners on my qlikview reports objects.

In my Desktop Client, i'm designing a kind of "hello world" text box, with rounded corners and background color. At this step, i can see what i want : a beautiful shaped zone.

But when i'm going into the application through my accesspoint, i have a corner issue. My navigator (IE 11) is using the qlikview plugin, but my component doesn't have the same style. My text area is not rounded, and my corners are drawn over the background. 

I'm using the last Qlikview Server version, Desktop client and QV plugin (nov 2018). Some screenshots are available in order to show you my problem.issue.png

I've tried to uninstall, re-install, but i'm failing at solving this problem. Could you please help me ?

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Nobody could help me ?


Any news regarding this? 

This is also happening to me since we upgraded our versions to 12.40 release.


Any Update. We facing similar issues.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Having the same exact issue.

This is visible only via the Internet Explorer plugin.

When opening the same qvw file via the Desktop Client, this is not visible.

Over a year of this issue reported and no official reply back from Qliktech?
Anyone knows if his has been raised as a bug to QlikTech?