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Contributor II
Contributor II

Count expression result and table output not matching

Hi ,

I am trying to display the count of Results in a textbox in the main dashboard and have a straight table which shows the details about this count.

The count on the textbox and that in the straight table is not matching.

Expression used in the textbox = count({<[Parameter Grouping] = 'Microbiological'>}Result)

Expression used in straight table = sum(Result) [I have unchecked Suppress zero values and select 'Microbiological' as the filter]

Count on text box = 8,591 and Count in straight table = 12,006

Can you help me understand what could be wrong with this?

2 Replies

Check the expression in straight table:

= sumCount(Result)

Champion II
Champion II

some of your Result may have values greater than 1 thats why the difference in output.

But your comparison to count vs sum is not correct. 

it should always be count vs count or sum vs sum, so change your straight table expression to the same as what you used in the text box