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Count of an average in range

So I can do this in SQL with ease but set analysis is little more challenging.

Here's the situation.  I need to get a distinct count of countries with an average score in a range.

Table: Country(Name,Category,Score).  A country can have at most one score/category but there can be multiple categories/country

I've tried Count(<Avg(score), {>1,<2}>}Country).  I can get a count of scores in a range but the avg function shows a syntax error

Any thoughts?   Thanks.

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May be this:

Count(DISTINT {<Country = {"=Avg(score) > 1 and Avg(Score) <2"}>} Country)

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Hmmm - I would need to indicate over which dimension to calculate the average.

I like the idea but it returns zero regardless of the range.


Would you be able to share a sample to show what exactly you are trying to do.