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Contributor II
Contributor II

Count with conditions


Hi !

I loaded a lot of data in the script. After that, I want to visualize some information in the front.

I want to count the amount of "Nro Interno" related to the date "Fecha Recep"

And also, the amount of "Nro Interno" related to the date "Fecha Cambio" with "Descrip" = Aprobado.

Fecha Recep and Fecha Cambio are two different dates, and for different purposes.

The thing is that in the front I want to have just one filter for date in a list box (a general date). And with that filter, be able to have the counts I mentioned before. That date must apply for Fecha Recep and Fecha Cambio.


Nro InternoFecha RecepFecha CambioDescrip


I hope I made myself understand


Thanks in advance !


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Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi @Frquiroga1995 , please check the example qvw.

It creates a new field, based on your fields :

Load distinct [Fecha Recep] as Fecha Resident Datos;
Load distinct [Fecha Cambio] as Fecha Resident Datos;


And then, you can use this expression :

count({< [Fecha Cambio] = p(Fecha), Descrip = {"Aprobado"} >} [Nro Interno])


See the attached file, saludos!