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Covert IF Condition into set analysis

Hi Folks,

I have a problem converting if condition into set analysis

i have variable expression, I need to simplify in set analysis. Can anyone help this .

If(IF(Payment = 'NET' AND Payment_Discount<>0 ,1,0)=1,

-(TCNET * NumberOFTrans ) + (Annual_Trans * (PaymentDiscount_PerDays+AvgNET) /365) * FundRating

+ Annual_Trans * Payment_Discount )

Kindly help to convert the above expression in set analysis.

I tried but still there is expression error.

Thanks in advance

Vignesh kumar

3 Replies

Try this:

sum({<{Payment={'NET'},Payment_Discount={'<>0'}>} -(TCNET * NumberOFTrans ) + (Annual_Trans * (PaymentDiscount_PerDays+AvgNET) /365) * FundRating + Annual_Trans * Payment_Discount))

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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Hi Gysbert, Thanks for your help, but still am getting expression error. And too i have to check where the set analysis is equal to 1.

Kindly help me with this issue... Not only in set analysis if there is any other way apart from if condition. That would be gretful.


Vignesh kumar


Please post a small qlikview document that explains what you want.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand