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Contributor II
Contributor II

Create a selection criteria for when a folder is full

So I am in the process of making a qlik app that allows a provider to determine if a folder is full. The folder holds personal information of clients. Each folder has a designated number and each folder can hold different amount of information. One folder may hold 15 clients info and another may only hold 2. I already have a criteria that allows the user to select if the client is 18 and older, and now I need a sql code assistance.

I need a way to determine after selecting the criteria 18 and over, if the folder is full. If the folder is full then we can eliminate it. But if 14 out of the 15 are over 18, then we need to save the folder. Any ideas?

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Champion III
Champion III

Does your data model look something like this?

Folders Table: Folder, Max Clients, other folder fields

Clients Table: Client, Folder, Age, other client fields

And you want to select 18+ in the front end, and then be able to eliminate all Folders that are still have a count(Client) >= Max Clients, because they're considered Full?

If so, then I believe you could use a list box with an expression like this, and select 'Not Full':

=aggr(if(count([Client])>=only([Max Clients]),'Full','Not Full'),Folder)