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Creating Table Row Headers in QlikView

Hello QC,

QlikView Newbie here. Just started learning the program a few weeks ago and after watching many videos and reading content I've come across an issue I can't seem to solve or find a solution to (partially because I cannot figure out how to ask the question well).

So here's my issue:

I need to create a standard table with both Column AND Row Headers. I understand the column headers will be created based on the data pull, but I cannot figure out how to write-in manual Row Headers.

I need to label individual rows with Titles to reflect certain functions. The table I am creating is composed almost entirely of calculations (other than maybe two rows). Kind of like this:

Year of First GiftCalculation2013201420152016
2013"CalcLabel1"=Field1/Field2 for 2013=Field1/Field2 for 2014=Field1/Field2 for 2015=Field1/Field2 for 2016
"CalcLabel2"=Field2/Field4 for 2013=Field2/Field4 for 2014=Field2/Field4 for 2015=Field2/Field4 for 2016
2014"CalcLabel1"=Field1/Field2 for 2013

The Calculation Column is where I need to put in labels for my rows. There's a set of calculations we want to look at for each year (Columns 3-6) based on when a donor first gave (Column 1). This seems like a Pivot Table, but I can't figure out how to insert the Row Labels.

If I need to provide more information, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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See this blog post: ValueList() – For those tricky situations

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Will do, Thanks gwassenaar‌!


Hi Weston,

                        A pivot table with dimensions [Year of First Gift], Year and four expressions should do it. You can label the expressions how you please.