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Contributor II
Contributor II

Creating a Sum based on Order Date and Days Supply


i need some assistance creating a new field based on the initial order date, the days supply of that order and the associated Power of that Order.  I'm not sure what this kind of calculation or loop is called but here is the scenario...


Here is some data below. what i am looking to find is a total Power Value for any given day. Table 1 is data i have, Table 2 shows kind of what i am looking for, i do not really need a table with every date, more the ability to indicate the highest power for any Customer from any date and what the power is for a customer on a selected date, ie Max Power for Customer 1255 = 29 and  Total Power for Customer 1255 on 12/12/19 is 25.  


Table 1

CustomerOrder DateDays SupplyPower


Table 2


DateCustomerPower  Total Power
12/5/2019125510  10
12/6/2019125510  10
12/7/2019125510  10
12/8/2019125510  10
12/9/2019125510  10
12/10/2019125510  10
12/11/2019125510  10
12/12/201912551015 25
12/13/201912551015 25
12/14/201912551015 25
12/15/201912551015 25
12/16/20191255 15 15
12/17/20191255 15 15
12/18/20191255 151429
12/19/20191255 151429
12/20/20191255 151429
12/21/20191255 151429
12/22/20191255 151429
12/23/20191255  1414
12/24/20191255  1414
12/25/20191255  1414
12/26/20191255  1414
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Creator II
Creator II

try this: create a simple table with the dimensions customer, date and with the following metric: sum (total Power) Regards !!!

Contributor II
Contributor II

thanks for your reply...i don't have the value yet for max power that i put in table 2, that was more to show what i was looking for. 

i'm thinking i need some kind temporary table in the script with a loop...but i'm not exactly sure. 

Creator II
Creator II

sorry, try this:

Sum (total <date>  Power ) //  TOTAL POWER


Creator II
Creator II

Qlik uses the associative model, which makes all the calculations to be displayed according to the dimensions contained in the graph, automatically groups them according to the fields or dimensions, in this case you have power per day, but you want to have as day and the total for a client, with which it is convenient for you to use the TOTAL <> statement and pass the Date parameter, this makes it group but ignore the date, therefore it will group by customer.

In the case of having as a Power dimension, you should also add it into the total, it would look like this: Sum (TOTAL <Date, Power> Power).


Former Employee
Former Employee

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