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Crosstable/generic load help.

Hi All,

I have data, coming from an excel spreadsheet.

I'd like to convert it into a loadable format, but not too sure how I can achieve this.

I've attached a sample.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it.


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Well, what do you mean by a loadable format? How do you WANT your data to be stored? It could be anything from this:

Date, Column, Subcolumn, EnqSASH, Value
8/21/2007, Column1, , Enq, 62

To this:

Date, Column1_Enq, ..., Column4A_Enq, Column4A_SAS, ..., Column9_H
8/21/2007, 62, ..., 5, 1, ..., 0

Or something in between, like:

Date, Column, Subcolumn, Enq, SAS, H
8/21/2007, Column1, , 62, 21, 7