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Is there any way to resize automatically a list box?

Hey guys, I'm doin a very cool document using the logos of companies instead of their names in a list box to select between them.

The point is, if I select one company, it filters as usual by that company, but there is left an ugly space in the same list box.

Anybody knows how to resize the list box automatically as it does with "Text List box" ??

Here I show you my problem in images :

Here is the list box of images of the companies :

error loading image

And if I click in the first logo company, the result is :

error loading image

How can I resize automatically the list box?

Many thanks in advance.

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This isn't an answer, but genuine curiosity. How do you resize a text list box automatically?

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I have a cheesy solution, though I'm not sure how to get it horizontal...

Go to create a chart, straight table, then for dimensions put in your array of images. Under expressions enter in something (doesn't matter what, it's going to get hidden anyways.. I used =1). On this same page, under 'Total Mode' select 'No Totals'. Under the Presentation tab, select your expression then click the option to hide column. Also, select your dimension and towards the bottom, select "suppress header row". Last, on the Caption page deselect Show caption.