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Cummulative calculation

Hi Everyone,

I have a requirement where we need to calculate the cumulative value for the date slecetion.

For example:

Jan - 20

feb - 30

mar - 45

apri- 23

If user select Jan the value in text box should be 20

if user select Feb the value in text box should be  50 (Jan + feb )

if user select Mar - 95 (jan+feb+mar)


Can anyone please help me to solve this?



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Specialist II
Specialist II

Create a date field in your script.

Create a variable as vAsOfDate = Date(Max(Date))

Expression - =Sum({<Date = {'<=$(vAsOfDate)'} , Month = >}Value) 

If you have more time related fields then override them all.

Check the attachment.

Former Employee
Former Employee

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Not exactly sure what you need, so did not want to confuse things by posting anything that was not really related.


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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

I have created sample inline table

load * inline
Jan , 20,
feb , 30,
mar , 45,
apri, 23];

try this expression

=sum(aggr(RangeSum(Above(TOTAL Sum({$<Monthly>}Value),0, RowNo(TOTAL))),(Monthly)))