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Cumulative measure by one Dim for pivot table that has multiple Dims


I have a normal sum as shown in first column and cumulative sum over a date as shown in second column

images (1).png




and there are more details under that date...

the problem that the measure sum cumulatively under those dimensions when be expanded which will not be logical...

images (2).png




what I want is to make that cumulative sum to be repeated for all children of that date..

is that possible...

this what I the measure say: 

RangeSum(Above(Count({$<COMPLETE_STATUS_DESC={'something'},F_CENS_ID={1}>} distinct UNIT_ID ), 0, RowNo()))

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May be use dimensionality() function to use two different expressions for two different levels.

If(Dimensionality() = 2,
Count(TOTAL <Date> {$<COMPLETE_STATUS_DESC={'something'},F_CENS_ID={1}>} distinct UNIT_ID ),
RangeSum(Above(Count({$<COMPLETE_STATUS_DESC={'something'},F_CENS_ID={1}>} distinct UNIT_ID ), 0, RowNo()))
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Support (Former)

Did Sunny's post get you what you needed for you use case?  If so, do not forget to return to your thread and on his post, use the Accept as Solution button to give him credit for the help and let other Members know this suggestion worked for this use case.  If you are still working on things, please leave an update and if figured out some other solution, please consider posting that in a new comment, then use the button to mark that as the solution in that case to close out the thread.

The only other thing I have is the Design Blog area, here is the base URL from where you can search the posts in that area, most of them are how-to related from our internal experts, you may find some ideas there too.



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