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Creator II
Creator II

Data not getting displayed in Pivot table- Qlikview

Hi Team ,

I have a pivot table in Qlikview where i have around 45+ fields and all are dimensions only. 

Pivot table is used to merge the  Dimensions data rather than displaying row by row .

In Expression i am using 


i have used chr(32) to show blank space as in pivot at the end of the chart as we cant hide fields just like in "Staright Table " right ..

now the issue  is when i am adding more fields to the Pivot Table ,i am getting blank cells in Accesspoint but  when exported ,data is getting populated in that cells. 

Not sure of what the issue is .


Attached the Snapshot  of the issue . 


Could some one help me  on this . 





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Creator II
Creator II

Could some one help on this ?