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Contributor III
Contributor III

Date_Range color code in pivot table


please help me in this expression, my requirement is:

1. Green color: end_date1 

2. Blue color: from blue_color_date to end_date, tool_order=Y (if blue_color_date is not available then pick grey_color_date)

3. Grey color: from grey_color_date to end_date, tool_order=N

4. Red color: end_date>end_date1(only from end date to end date1 display red color)

5. Yellow color: end_date<end_date1( only from end_date1 to end_date display yellow color)

6. Black color: Tracking=Y then starting from (blue_color_date or grey_color_date) to end_date1(display as black color)

QVW file attached. please help me.

i have tried 1 to3 conditions are working, from 4 to 6 i am not getting exactly. please 

If((WeekStart_Date_Range)>=(Alt(WeekStart_blue_color_date,Weekstart_grey_color_date)) and (WeekStart_Date_Range)<=(Weekstart_end_date) and tool_order_Y_N='Y',2,
If((WeekStart_Date_Range)>=Weekstart_grey_color_date and (WeekStart_Date_Range)<=(Weekstart_end_date) and tool_order_Y_N='N',3 ))) as Color_Flag

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