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Date analyze


I have QV-application with info about Service Desk work.

I need

1)  table with next fields: "Assignee", "Count of incidents resolved during 1 day", "Count of incidents resolved during 1 week", 1 month, etc.

2)  additional table with info about percentage.

3)  table with info about average time of resolving for each of fields

So there are 2 dates for each incident: Reported_time and Resolved_time. And time of resolving process = Resolved_time - Reported_time.

My problem is

I do not understand how to work correctly with such operation as "Resolved_time - Reported_time" or "if (Resolved_time - Reported_time) >0 and (Resolved_time - Reported_time)<1), count (Incident_ID)" during the loading or how to make it as condition in expression (in table)

For example xls are attached. One is real data I have (Resolved_time is


- Reported_time is

[Reported Date+]

And another is about my tasks.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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i don't understand very well what you need, but is it something like this?