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Decimal points when exporting to excel

Hi everyone, 

When I export data to excel, it seems like decimals are only exported if the data set is small. 

So I have a straight table with number formatted as follows: #,##0 

if the data set is small, when I export to excel and increase decimals on excel, the underlying decimals will show. 

However, if data set is large, when I export to excel and increase decimals, I only get 0 as decimal points. So it seems like only whole numbers are exported. 

When we sum those 2 columns, we get different results (very small but enough to raise eyebrows). 


Did anyone experience something similar / is this a known issue? 

Is using round() in my formula the only way to keep them consistent? 


Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated! 

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

The formatting functions format only the display.  So the underlying number exported may be different.  If you are getting inconsistent results than round() would be the way to go. round() changes the actual value.