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Differences between 64bit and 32bit: Screen refresh

Hi QlikCommunity,

today I found a strange behavior between 64bit and 32bit version of QlikView. (11.20 SR4 on Windows 7).

In essence the problem seems that the screen does not refresh correctly. For instance I have button that sets a variable which hide and shows specific objects. When I switch between the 2 states some of the objects are still displayed in the background. Also the buttons should change color by clicking it which does not always work..

Any action that triggers a screen refresh will set the picture right - Right clicking on an objects, changing window size, using a scrollbar.

Even when I create a new object it is only displayed after I do some of these actions.

Now the weird thing: As far as I have tested this, this is only with 1 of my applications. New applications work just fine, also other applications seem to be fine. This app is not really big, around 60 MB, but I have a lot of screens and variables.

Before I create a call I wanted to ask here.

Did some of you have similar experiences with the move from 32bit to 64bit? Do you have any clues what could cause the issue so I could change to layout of the application?

Kind regards,


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I narrowed it down to the zoom factor. 100% and above works fine, everything below 100% has display errors. It is still strange that I only find this behavior on 1 of my applications. I will test some more, but I guess I have to create a support call.