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Contributor III
Contributor III

Dimension limit on line chart


I have a line chart with two dimensions and one expression. I have enabled dimension limit on 2nd dimension to show only largest 10 values. But still I see more than 10 dimensions in the line chart.


Attached is the sample app.

From what I understand, since my first dimension is month-year, I think the chart is showing top 10 from each month. That is why there are more than 10 values in the chart because the top 10 for each month would be different.

Is there a way to how the overall top 10 in the chart only?


Thanks in advance!




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I guess you are seeing top 10 for each MonthYear dimension... so for two different months you can have different top 10s. Do you want to only see the top 10 across all the months? Try this expression without any dimension limits

Num(Sum({<DISCOUNT_CD = {"=Rank(Sum(DISCOUNT_AMT)) < 11"}>}[DISCOUNT_AMT]),'$#,##0.00') & Chr(10)& Num(Sum({<DISCOUNT_CD = {"=Rank(Sum(DISCOUNT_AMT)) < 11"}>}[DISCOUNT_AMT])/Sum({<DISCOUNT_CD = {"=Rank(Sum(DISCOUNT_AMT)) < 11"}>} TOTAL<MonthYear> [DISCOUNT_AMT]),'0%'),
Sum({<DISCOUNT_CD = {"=Rank(Sum(DISCOUNT_AMT)) < 11"}>}[DISCOUNT_AMT])

to get this