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Disable Note Function (Annotation)

When accessing QlikView docuemnt via Access Point, shared file is amended and the size is increased. We can disable creation of server objects by users for QlikView document in the setting of document property and sheet property (Security tab, Server object tab). But we cannot disable the Note Function (Annotation) to be used by the users.

Since the Note Function (Annotation) can be used even if the QlikView document setting is set not to be able to create server object. Therefore shared file is amended and the file size is increased.

Is there any way to disable the Note Function (Annotation) in the QlikView Setting?


Kaung Myat Tun

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I'm not sure how you may be able to disable the Annotations, but in my experience large .shared file growth is frequently due to the use if INPUTFIELDs. Is the document using INPUTFIELD?


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Hi Rob,

Yes, INPUTFIELDs will make .shared file to growth. But here in my discussion, I would like to know whether it is possible to disable note function (Annotation).

Kaung Myat Tun