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Drill down and Set Analysis at Column level on a Straight table

Hello Qlik Experts,

I am fairly new to Qlikview and would like to get all of your inputs on drill down functionality at a Column level in a straight table.

Here is a brief description of the problem which I am trying to solve:

Customer NameCustomer IDProduct ID# of Units
Peter Rich12345PR10014
Peter Rich12345PR20012
Anne Emmons56789PR20015
Adrian Caton78899PR30012

Upon selection of either Customer Name, Customer ID or Product ID, I would like to show another table (basically a drill through) which would give more insights at that row level.

Example: When the user selects (drills down) on any of the above mentioned columns on the first row of the table, another table should be displayed which will have the below structure:

Customer NameCustomer IDProduct IDProduct NameWarehouse LocationWarehouse Zip
Peter Rich12345PR1001Sports ShoesSyracuse13210
Peter Rich12345PR1001Sports ShoesSan Mateo94086
Peter Rich12345PR1001Sports ShoesSunnyvale94401
Peter Rich12345PR1001Sports ShoesDetroit14501

The current challenge that I am facing is, when I select Peter Rich on the first row, the table on drill through which is getting displayed based on GetSelectedCount() function i.e. in the layout properties of the drill through table, I am making use of Condition "if(GetSelectedCount([Customer Name]) or GetSelectedCount([Customer ID]) or GetSelectedCount([Product ID]),1,0) " and as Peter Rich has two rows in the main table, the data for both the products is getting displayed in the drill through table.

Likewise, when the Product ID 'PR2001' is selected, the details for both Peter Rich and Anne Emmons is getting reflected in the drill through table. Kindly guide me as to how the above problem can be solved without creating a concatenated column of Customer Name, Customer ID and Product ID in my front end. Also, except for # of Units , all the other attributes are pulled in as dimensions and not expressions in the main table.

Please do let me know if more details or further information is required.



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Perhaps in this case you can make the selections you want by clicking on the expression value. If that doesn't work then you will either need to add a new field with unique values for each combination your interested in to your data model and use that field to make selections in or make two selections.

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Hi Suhas,

did you tried to solve your issue with hepl of: DrillDown and AlternateState,

if yes, i have one example, i am not sure where you can solve your issue with this example, but it can contribute to find more Information/solution.

i hope that helps

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Hello Gysbert,

Thank you so much for all the valuable feedback. Below is my understanding, please correct me, if it is incorrect.

A new field which basically is a combination of unique values of Customer Name, Customer ID and Product ID needs to created in the data model and that in turn has to be passed in as a parameter into the GetSelectedCount() function.

The challenge I forsee with this approach is that, as the concatenated column is not displayed in the front end of my application, when I drill down on Customer Name, will it even get passed in as a parameter into the GetSelectedCount() function?

Also, in the layout properties of the drill through table, I tried making use of Condition " if(GetSelectedCount([Customer Name]) and GetSelectedCount([Customer ID]) and GetSelectedCount([Product ID]),1,0) " but the challenge that I am facing again here is that, when I click on Customer Name , only that is getting passed as parameter into GetSelectedCount() function and the other two fields are not, as the selection is not on them and this in turn is giving me all the records associated with that particular Customer.

Kindly guide.