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Drill down from Straight table to a line chart

I have a Straight table and a line chart.

The staight table has data for various years. The line chart has data for one year divided into months

If the user clicks on a cell in the straight table, I want to show the line chart. Is it possible to do that in Qlikview?



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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Yes. Assume your yesr field is named "Year". Add a Show condition on the Layout pane of the line chart:



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Hi Rob,

Thanks a lot for the reply!

Two issues:

1) I dont want the line charts to be conditionally enabled. They should always be active and they reside in a different sheet from the pivot table. What I want is, when someone clicks on the year field of the pivot table, they should be redirected to another sheet where the line chart resides (and the line chart should become active).

2) Year is not a dimension of the chart. Its an expression thats part of the pivot table(for a few reasons, I cant make year to be a dimension, its got to remain an expression). So, I cant directly use '=GetPossibleCount(Year)=1'

Really appreciate your help.