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Dynamic Dimension Order

I have a table where I use buttons to turn on and off variables that I use to add dimensions in a table using conditional formatting.

Essentially, the button toggles on and off a variable   =if(vButtonSW_CI_ID =1,0,1)

I then use the variable in the Enable Condition  vButtonSW_CI_ID =1  to show the column in the table

Is there a way to order the dimensions in the table in the order of that they were selected with the buttons?


Behavior that I am looking for

If someone selects button B before button A then column B is before Column A in the table but if Button A is selected before Button B them Column A is before Column B in the table.


I'm wondering if there is a way to set another variable or value when each button is selected then use that new variable in the Sort tab to sort the columns in the order that they were selected with the buttons.



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Specialist II
Specialist II


You could use variables to control calculated dimensions (and then have your buttons update the variables, although might take a bit of thought as to how to update the variables to get the interaction with the display).