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Contributor III
Contributor III

Dynamic Enable condition in Adhoc Reporting Qlikview

I have a Adhoc report with 70 dimensions and 10 measures using Table chart

Is there a way we can make dimension  measure show/hide in Table chart dynamic based on user selection?

Normal scenario - if user selects dim A, Table will show dim A when we write 'Enable condition' for dim A as something like  "=SubStringCount(concat(dim, '|'),'a')"

Expected scenario - there should not be a need to hardcode 'a' in 'Enable condition' - Can we make that dynamic ?

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Dynamic based on what? Can you elaborate?

Contributor III
Contributor III

Dynamic in the sense common 'Enable condition' for all the dimensions (by

using, for instance, variables) still only user selected dimensions show up

in the Adhoc report.

For example -

Dimensions: A, B, C, D

User selected: A, C

Enable Condition for all the dimenions can be the same by making use of

variables or some in-built functions, instead of hard coding separately for

each dimension.

Hope this answers your question.




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But you need to hard-code the value in this expression at least once, right?

=SubStringCount(concat(dim, '|'),'a')

Without hard-coding this even once, I do you expect QlikView to know what is the condition on which you need to show a particular dimension?