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Dynamic Report Header

hi All,

i am trying to dynamically change the header on my report dynamically based on selections from inside my QV App.

i have a list box, and attemptiing to have the header change based on sales.

GOALS: When no 'Sale Date' selection is made, to have the header say: "Sales for min(SaleDate) to max(SaleDate)"

When a "Sale Date" selection is made, to have the header say: "Sales for selected month"


-For the 1st GOAL, i am having trouble adding the 'to max(SaleDate)' part of the formula. Need help with the syntax

-For the 2nd goal, when i select 2 months, i want both months to show up in the header..it should read "Sales for Sale Date selected month1 +selected month2 "

Current Syntax : =( 'Sales for ' & if([Sale Date] = [Sale Date], GetCurrentSelections([Sale Date]), MonthName(min([Sale Date])) ))


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How about something like:

=If(GetPossibleCount(Month) = 1,

     'Sales for ' & Month,

     'Sales from ' & Date(Min(Date)) & ' to ' & Date(Max(Date))


-- assumes that the Month field is dual month value and the date field is a QV numeric date value

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