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Dynamic show of expression value for a week number based on Cumulative sun and Percentage

Hello Experts, Need your expertise, to guide me here. Below is the requirement , where business are used to prepare the data in excel manually, and now wants dynamically in Qlikview. Attached is the screenshot, Pivot Tables , being used by business. Highlighted in yellow are 3 different types of fields (3 fields define the number of days of an order, like time taken from Order received Dt to Shipped Dt, from Shipped Dt to Delivery Dt like that). Each Pivot shows the Cumulative sum of no of Orders with its Percentage(Cumulative total at that day/Total Orders) against no of days in row labels, for all 3 pivots. Ship week is the filter used, to select a week, and see at which particular day the 90% is achieved (highlighted in blue circle of Pivot Image) for all 3 Pivots. After this, they are manually entering details, like in Output image attached, for each week, when 90% is obtained. How can we achieve the same in Qlikview, like the Output image shown. With ShipWeek as Dimension, and all 3 fields (No of days captured against when 90% is achieved in that week). Please help me out here.
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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Best I can do for you is point you to the Design Blog area of the Community, it is specifically for how-to related posts, and there are over 700 of them there, so you can search that area for ideas on how to go about things.  You will likely need to review multiple posts to get everything you will need.


If you want further help from the Community, I would recommend attaching some real sample data too, as that may allow someone to sort through things and provide an example application.  


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