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Equivalent SqlValue


I use the function SqlValue in a chart expression to calculate a specific field when I select a range of dates, but when the range increase, the time for the reload increase too.

exemple :

          01/01/2011 to 31/01/2011 -> 5 minutes for the reload

          01/01/2011 to 30/06/2011 -> 15 minutes for the reload

I can load in qlikview script the table used in the SqlValue.

I would know if there is an equivalent of the SqlValue function on a resident Table to reduce the time of the reload?

SqlValue function :

SqlValue(vDataSource,'select coalesce(sum(tr_qty_req),0) as TrnQty from ETL_DATA.dbo.tr_hist

where tr_nbr = '&chr(39)&Nbr&chr(39)&' and tr_line = '&Line&'

and tr_effdate between '&chr(39)&subfield(getfieldselections(DATE_REF,';',999),';',1)&chr(39)&' and '&chr(39)&subfield(getfieldselections(DATE_REF,';',999),';',-1)&chr(39)&'','OLEDB')



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