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Creator III
Creator III

Error while loading the data...?? plz help

hi All ,

I Have 2  tables related to Count , and one is in  normal Excel form but other is delimited form am trying to load these second table in Qv server setup..

it is taking all the fields in a single row with commas(,) and when an trying it reload it is giving an error...

what is the Solution to load it normally or is their any way to covert it into normal excel form , plz respond

thanks In advance....

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Hi Vishal,

you might want to expand on your issue a bit more than that, posting up an example of your code or attach an example application is a good start. You'll find troubleshooting your issue much easier for community member then.

Creator III
Creator III


When you Load Files , then there is a option of :File Type" on left side.Check Delimited  option there and select the delimiter for the file

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try to save your excel file in .csv format then load

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or you can directly replace all the (,) in excel with blank