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Contributor III
Contributor III

Evaluation of the last days

Hello everybody,

I created an evaluation in Qlikview that shows information about how productive the production is (plant availability, reject rate, etc.). The Evaluation works that way: I select the days I want to compare in my multibox (filter).

However, since the evaluation is also to be used in production, the last (most recent) two or three days should automatically be displayed for the values, without me having to select the date each time.

How can I achchieve this?

Thanks and best regards,


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You can try using the OnOpen document trigger with a Select in Field action. You can find the document triggers on the Triggers tab of the document properties window. You'll need a search expression for the selection of the last dates. Something like ='=MyDate>=$(=Max(MyDate)-2)'

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks for answering my question.

I found the Trigger - but unfortunately, I don't know the right Expression.

Do you have a Special advice for this?



Have a look at some of the discussions this search returns:

And/or post a small qlikview document with example data.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand