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Creator II
Creator II

Excel datasource with "outline" structure / staggered rows for fields


Is there a simple way of writing the script so that it deals with Excel datasources in "outline" structure (with staggered rows for different levels of grouping)?  I've attached an example Excel file to show you what I mean - it's the standard download format from FactSet, and I have lots of files like this that I'd love to put into QlikView.

I need to preserve the different grouping levels that come from FactSet, so don't want to just exclude the "total" rows (e.g. rows 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 in the attached file) unless I can somehow read in the group name (which only appears at the "total" row at the top of each group and sub-group of rows) for each row.  For example, from the row of data in row 58 of the attached file, I want QV to read in the following fields and field values:

- Date = 30-Sep-10

- Asset class = Equity

- Region = Western Europe

- Country = United Kingdom

- Sector = Consumer Staples

- Industry = Tobacco

- Security name = British American Tobacco PLC

as well as the data points in cells M58:V58 (with column headings at the top which I would manually rename as they are split over different rows).

I would then probably try to put some fields into drill-down groupings within QlikView (e.g. Region as a parent of Country, and Sector as a parent of Industry) - this should be OK, it's just reading in the field values correctly for each row that I can't figure out.

Hope this makes sense - I think it's quite self-explanatory once you look at the Excel file.

Would be brilliant if somebody could get back to me within a day or so - thank you.


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