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Expand/Collapse Pivot Table using a Macro

Hi everyone

The command PivotAlwaysFullyExpanded works well for expanding a Pivot Table completely, but when collapsing the table, it can only collapse it down to the previous manual selection of [+] and [-]. I can't find any equivalent commands for collapsing tables.

Example using PivotAlwaysFullyExpanded for expanding/collapsing a table with one button:

sub CollapseExpandPivot

set chart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")

set gp = chart.GetProperties not gp.TableProperties.PivotAlwaysFullyExpanded

end sub

How do i fully collapse a Pivot Table with multiple dimensions using a macro?

Best regards


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This type of function seemed to be commonly used until 9.0, where it was changed.

Are there really no one who have a solution for 9.0?