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Contributor III
Contributor III

ExportBiff saving corrupt xls from QV Plugin, but ok from QV Desktop

Hi Eveyone,

For several years, we have had multiple reports that with a button, the user could save a table as an xls.

This button triggered a macro that is like this:




sub ExportToExcel
    'on error resume next		
	XLSFilePath = getVariableValue("v.FilePath")
	XLSFileName = getVariableValue("v.FileName")
	XLSFileExtension = getVariableValue("v.FileExtension")
	set QVData = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(getVariableValue("v.ChartToExport"))
	'Export in XLS
	QVData.ExportBiff(XLSFilePath & XLSFileName & XLSFileExtension)
	Set QVData = nothing
end sub




This macro worked fine on QV 12.50, but now on QV 12.60 (May 2021 SR1) it is not working when run from the IE Plugin.

When this macro is ran from a QV Desktop, the xls file generated openes fine with Excel.
But when the same macro is run from the QV Plugin, the generated file seems to be corrupted and Excel is unable to open it, it return this error:

Image 1.png

Does not matter if you click Yes or No, Excel is not able to recover anything and it always shows an empty excel.

It is worth clarifying that the XLS file size is the same when generated from the QV Desktop or the QV Plugin.

I tried searching for any issues with ExportBiff on the new 12.60 version (May 2021 SR1) , but found absolutely nothing. This was working fine on 12.50 and back

Has anyone come across this issue? any ideas on what could be going on?

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Creator II
Creator II


I have the same problem. Is there a solution in the meantime?

Many greetings