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Creator II
Creator II

Exporting to Excel - Formatting

Hi All,

I have a field which is sending me potty!!

I want to export a table to excel. I have a field that contains both text and numbers. Whenever I export this table the number come through as text, is there any way to stop this?

I've tried formatting it to number, also in the 'Settings -> User Pref -> Number formatting' as every option, but no luck.

Is it because there is text and numbers in there?

Is there any way to export a mixed field that excel will recognise as numbers when exported?



2 Replies

How the values showing, Can you copy the values i mean text and number from your field

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Hi Diane,

Check this: QlikTip #32: Exporting multiple QV objects to a single Excel document

here you can find a macro, with this macro are you able to export into Excel your Data in table-Format, and your data will be recognised as numbers.

i hope that helps to resolve your issue