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Exporting to Excel seems to be slower in Version 9 than Version 8.5

Hi all,

has anyone else experience a performance hit on exporting large straight tables, say 50,000 rows and 40 columns, to excel (BIFF). I have some reports that I export via macro to excel and then email to users. I have had to migrate the system and took the opportunity to upgrade to version 9. I can get everything working but the excel export is now so slow it is unusable. Had anyone got any ideas on how to progress this or will I have to down grade to 8.5?



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I am seeing exactly the same issue . A client upgraded from QV 7.52 to QV 9.0 and exporting files with 50,000 rows and 22 columns to Excel is taking up to 30 minutes. Not functional for business users. Does anyone have a work around or suggestion.


There are known issues with send to excel is slower in version 9. We have been working on it and I beleive SR3 will be much better. We are sorry for the problem caused. If you still think its much slower - Please tell us how it works after the SR3 release. Sr3 will be released in February.

Kind regards - QlikView Support