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Expression - Excluded item

Hi All,

I need some help with the following expression where i want to exclude some "Name". However, when i try to tweet it to make it

more dynamic, it doesn't works.

First expression works if i hard coded the name

Second expression, i added a new column/Field called "Excluded" where value is either blank or "NA". If Excluded ="NA", exclude this from sum calculation. I expect Name field without "NA" with values and zeros for"NA".


Many Thanks,


2 Replies

Why not assign a value (instead of null) when the Name doesn't have to excluded? Alternatively, you can try this

=Sum({<[Type]={'Cost'}, Name = {"=Len(Trim(Excluded)) = 0"}>}[Amount])

Assuming that Name will either have Excluded = N/A or Null (never both)

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I found alternative way of doing this. Your response was helpful. Thanks.